NORAD in Cheyenne Mountain. Although abolished its nuclear patrol after the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1992, the complex is still full of electronic and personnel facilities to manage terrorist and cyber attacks, as well as artillery. NORAD’s focus and equipment have expanded to meet the threats of modern times. Much of its safety lies in the foundations of the facility. The fact that it lies 600 meters below the surface of Mount Cheyenne, protects the complex from air attack.

NORAD Cheyenne Mountain, Communication Complex

Given that the drills had to crush more than 693,000 tons of granite to create the complex, its entry is remarkable. The complex is protected by two huge doors against explosion of concrete and steel, each of which is 1 meter thick and weighs 23 tons. The core consists of a network of six tunnels up to 12 meters wide and three storeys high.

These tunnels contain well-connected steel plate buildings housed on giant coil springs that absorb shocks caused by a nuclear explosion or seismic activity. Granite and steel also protect electronics from harmful pulses of electromagnetic energy generated by nuclear explosions.

If the EMP hits the mountain, it can easily eliminate everything in the area. However, the supercomputers and the lines that power them remain safe inside the device. The rock cover weakens electromagnetic waves along with metal buildings that act like a giant Faraday cage. These are, if you will, tough facts about this installation. There is further speculation about what is unofficially hidden in the mountain. Onlyinyourstate states:

For centuries, people have wondered about the possibility of aliens and whether there is life on other planets. How is this studied and measured? Apart from observing the sky and searching for UFOs, no one knows for sure. Still, almost everyone has some theory, including what humans do. NORAD was founded in 1958 as the North American Air Defense Command and has always been a mysterious but indispensable place for both the United States and Canada to protect the continent from possible airspace attacks, on water or on land. The government organization, now known as the North American Air and Space Defense Command, has undergone dramatic developments since the Cold War and is now tasked with seeking not only human threats but also threats of other kinds.

According to popular legend, NORAD, which is hidden in Cheyenne Mountain and hides miles of tunnels and 13 three-story office buildings and two twelve-story office buildings, not only repel potential attacks, but according to some conspiracy theorists, deals with aliens and even a bunker warehouse. In addition to aliens from other planets, some even claim that NORAD contains the bodies of several Yetti-like creatures, which explains why it is so difficult to find and confirm the missing link in evolutionary theory.

Where did scientists and other government workers find these mysterious creatures? No one seems to know the answer, but almost every theorist can now determine their location: the NORAD Mountain Communication Complex in Cheyenne. Some sources say the tunnels lead from Cheyenne Mountain to other underground bases across the country, including Denver International Airport and Dulce.

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