The Raven Rock Mountain complex is officially referred to as the underground Pentagon, more about it in the next chapter. There are reportedly no bunkers or tunnels in the Pentagon itself, however, an ambitious project was implemented almost 60 years ago, which was allegedly canceled. Raven Rock and Pentagon underground story.

Raven Rock Mountain is underground Pentagon

The “Deep Underground Command Center” (DUCC), sometimes referred to as the “Deep Underground Command and Control Center” (DUCCS), was a U.S. military facility designed on January 31, 1962 as “very deep underground” near the Pentagon under the U.S. government. It was about 900 to 1,200 meters deep, protected from direct hits by high-performance weapons, and was to allow residents to stay within about 30 days after the attack. The “DUCC” would be designed as 50 people, or in an extended version for 300 people (the first of which is built so that it can be extended to the second if necessary).

It was designed to withstand several direct hits with 200 to 300 megaton weapons exploding on the surface or 100 MT weapons penetrating to a depth of 21 to 30 meters. The “DUCC” plan, based on the planned “Deep Underground Support Center” (DUSC) of the Strategic Air Command near the Cheyenne Mountain Nuclear Bunker, was recommended to President John F. Kennedy for funding for fiscal 1965 shortly before the assassination, but the underground “DUCC”, DUSC SAC and super combat centers “NORAD” were never built. Decades later, President Kend Jr. Johnson, who served as an adviser to five presidential administrations from the 1950s to the 1970s, recalled President Lyndon B. Johnson’s response to the proposed building: “Johnson has His view of nuclear war was clarified by his response at the last meeting on the military budget for the item listed as DUCCS in 1965.

When asked what it was, he was told that it meant Deep Underground Command and The Control Site, a facility located several thousand meters underground between the White House and the Pentagon that was supposed to survive the 20-megaton bomb and which provided support to the president and his key advisers for months until it was possible to safely enter the tunnels created many miles beyond Washington. with a short confused look on Johnson’s face, he launched a series of “Johnson’s” slogans that made it clear that this was the worst an idea he had ever heard, and that he did not intend to hide in an expensive hole, while the rest of Washington and probably the entire United States would be fried. That was the last time I heard about DUCCS.

“In the 21st century, it is common knowledge and certainly confirmed that the Pentagon has several levels of huge bunkers and an extensive network of tunnels beneath its visible surface. It also makes sense. The “Ministry of Defense” of the world’s largest power will have several access routes and escape tunnels that will allow for sudden evacuation and other emergency interventions. 2013.

“On January 15, 1943, work was completed on the new headquarters of the US” Department of War “in Arlington, Virginia. The huge complex, commonly known as the Pentagon, was built for nearly 30,000 government employees to help America win II. world war. With more than 27 kilometers of corridors, it remains one of the largest office buildings in the world and has become a symbol of military power – for better or for worse. ” the massive building must not be higher than five floors (plus two floors in the basement). This was partly due to … a more practical reason – the lack of steel that already existed in the country preparing for war. Instead of steel, the building was built mainly of reinforced concrete, with a volume of 435,000 cubic meters.

It’s quite difficult to understand how big the Pentagon is. In fact, the US Capitol would fit on only one of the five sides of the building and, with an area of ​​5,100,000 square feet, has twice as much office space as the Empire State Building. “The author concludes that after September 11, 2001, American Airlines Flight 77 crashed into the eastern part of the building (it looked more like a rocket from Uber’s cameras), and plans soon began for a major renovation called “Project Phoenix”, which was completed in February 2003 and cost $ 5 billion – five times more than the original building.

“Interestingly, Mrs. Maranzani reveals that the same person oversaw the construction of the Pentagon and the” Manhattan Project, ” which led to the development of the world’s first atomic bomb.” made it happen. During his time at the Pentagon, Groves was assigned to lead the Manhattan Project. He participated in almost all aspects of the top secret project, in the selection and construction of secret sites This is still the official version of the Pentagon and its design specifications.

However, we are interested in the unofficial story. In an article (unfortunately already deleted) from June 23, 2008, commentator and blogger Steve Warran states: “After The 9/11 attacks always had something suspicious on the Pentagon’s floorboard. Where the Boening 757 jet apparently flew completely horizontally through the first floor of the building without damaging the clean concrete foundations. Even after running 300 meters with enough explosive energy to drill holes in the thick masonry walls (while tilting the second floor slab upwards), the floor remained clean enough to be rollerbladed. ”

Warran thanks the military historian. She refers to Honegger’s 2006 article entitled “The Pentagon Attack Papers: Seven Hours in September: The Clocks that Broke the Lie”, in which it informs readers of a hitherto unknown underground facility.

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